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Your hair impacts 70% of the first impressions you make on others. Your hair also plays a crucial role in self image and self care. We are committed to helping you live life in confidence, fulfillment and joy, starting with achieving the best hair of your life.

Creative Studio Flow is a sanctuary for hair quality improvement. Regardless of your current hair concerns and troubles, it is possible to achieve the soft, beautiful hair of your dreams.


Our salon service roots comes from Japanese hospitality. Our haircut technique is based from the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy which is where Yusuke acquired his skills. He specializes in Japanese hair straightening and averages more than 300 clients per year.


Yusuke Kimura was born in Yokohama, Japan. As a young teen he played soccer after class until his high school years. In addition to that,  he created musical beats deejaying in his past time. His uncle inspired him to became who he is today... He motivated Yusuke to come to the United States after living himself here for over 30 years and accomplishing opening his own restaurant as well as working as Master Sushi Chef at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. The words that inspired him the most were "focus on your best skill and you can go anywhere you want in the world". After graduating high school Yusuke decided to go to beauty school and that's where he picked up his skill and thought something great would become of it.


He began his studies at Tokyo Maxfactor Beauty Academy in Tokyo, Japan graduating in Japanese Cosmetology. His vision to come to the United States brought him to the renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica, California. His new inspiration, focus and technique earned him the 1st Place Premier Student Award in Cosmetology.

Yusuke is licensed in California ,Hawaii ,Guam, and Japan in Cosmetology.


He used to work for 4 years as a Hair Stylist in Japan until he came to Los Angeles. He has 16 years experience working at PIA Hair Salon in Los Angeles, California. During of which he opened 4 salons, 3 in Southern California and 1 in Tokyo. While he was living in Guam, he expanded the company and personally served more than 800 bridal Hair & make up clients in one year.


Japanese hair straightening & Acid Heat Treatment

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