Rewind MD


Meet Tobi Fell, a professional in the beauty industry with a career spanning over 20 years. Originally rooted in hairstyling, Tobi made a seamless transition to aesthetics and is driven by a profound appreciation for all aspects of this industry.

With years of experience, Tobi has meticulously honed skills and a keen eye for detail and commitment to excellent customer service. Recognized for an exceptional ability to bring out the best in each individual, Tobi is committed to providing a transformative experience for clients.

With a customer service-forward mindset, Tobi navigates the beauty industry with grace and passion. Raised in the scenic landscapes of Anchorage, Alaska, Tobi embarked on a journey that led to settling down in Washington state, where she raised  her children. 

Now calling Southern California home, Tobi is thrilled to contribute to the beauty and wellness community in this dynamic region. At RewindMD Tobi Fell brings a wealth of expertise and a dedication to guiding patients to enhance natural beauty, creating an experience that goes beyond expectations.





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