Born and raised in Sydney Australia, I grew up loving all types of sports and the great outdoors.

As a former world-class elite athlete, I've spent years looking for a whole body workout that improves my athletic ability, increases my energy and mental sharpness, but is low impact to protect the longevity of my bones and muscles. I finally found it when I tried EMS (electro muscular stimulation). I loved it so much, I worked hard to become a Licensed Trainer. The experiences and knowledge I gained through competing, led me to find the best technology in fitness. EMS took me to the next level.

I love being able to share my passion of fitness and knowledge of EMS. 


* EMS is 20X more efficient than conventional strength training.

* It takes 20 minutes once or twice per week.

* Delivers 85 contractions per second.

* Activates 98% of your muscle fibres.

* Keep burning fat 72 hours after your training session.

* Suitable for all fitness levels.


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