Kasie Connors Lindberg has been an aesthetic nurse injector for over 20 years. Kasie “KC” is an expert injector and developed her passion and skill for facial rejuvenation over the years working in plastic surgery operating rooms and performing aesthetic injections and various lasers. She worked for Merz Aesthetics as a clinical educator for dermal fillers and neurotoxins and gave instruction to physicians and other licensed medical professionals in other practices, tailoring each interaction based on injector knowledge and experience.

Known for her calm, gentle touch, clinical expertise and her artistic eye, she delivers highly personalized care for her loyal cosmetic clients. Her goal is to help people feel refreshed and natural looking, and to establish lasting relationships with patients, providing them with quality, safe and satisfying care. Kasie’s understanding of the diversity of treatments offered at Rewindmd, coupled with her professional knowledge, makes her a huge asset to our practice.

She has a depth of laser experience that has been honed over 20 years of experience on numerous lasers in this rapidly evolving field. She understands the power of scientific skin care and enjoys the satisfaction of helping transform a complexion from tired and troubled to beautiful.